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Components / Injection Quills

It’s definitely vital that your injection quills are high-quality when you are thinking about working with your pipe system. Injection quill malfunction could seriously halt your production line or result in employee or an environment-affecting accident, taking away from your bottom line. The components you use to maintain your pipe system should be from a reputable source with a long history of production so you don’t have to worry over the quality of products you are receiving, At Morrflo Inc., we are proud of our position as pipe system and pipe component experts and our knowledge seeps into all the work we do as a result.


As expected of injection quills, all of our products are guaranteed to be chemically resistant and are available in a few varieties of stinger length to match your expected use case. Additionally, all of our parts are cut precisely to ensure their leak-free status and maintain our commitment to quality for the consumer. If you have any questions about the types of injection quills we have available, or simply wish to place an order, contact us today.