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Applications / Industries / Water / Waste Water Treatment

Looking for a new pump system for your waste or water treatment plant? Morrflo Inc. is a certified provider of high quality pump systems for all types and complexities of water treatment facilities. With over a decade of experience fabricating intricate pump systems, you can be confident that our staff is capable of producing a custom pump system that fits all of your requirements. One of the priorities our company focuses on is making sure each and every product that leaves our facility correctly represents our commitment to quality. That’s why we utilize a state-of-the-art facility, skilled and knowledgeable employees, and support an organizational structure that puts the customer first in all facets of the production process.


With the continually operating nature of a traditional water treatment plant, it’s imperative that all the components used in their production are made from only the highest quality materials available. That way the tensile strength of the piping is guaranteed, protecting it from the eroding water force and ensuring it lasts a considerable amount of time. We make sure to leave no potential concern unanalyzed when designing our pump systems, in order to make sure we can provide a top quality product to you.